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Flat Rate Bookkeeping

professional bookkeeper working on flat rate bookkeeping

Bookkeeping clerks are responsible for the assessment and organisation of a plethora of information. Bookkeepers must have a keen eye for detail and be competent with recording, math calculations, and utilising a variety of technological softwares. A typical work day for a bookkeeping clerk could see twenty accounts and projects managed, or spending countless hours untangling a company’s mess of an account. Accountancy firms that bill by the hour have taken advantage of the difficult nature of accountancy to squeeze the most amount of money from their clients. Our team disagree with this way of conduction business and are proud to offer Flat-Rate billing in our office.

Professional Bookkeeping

Our professional team boast premier accreditations and education. We have worked tirelessly to achieve certification in accountancy and finance education studies along with proficiencies in a wide range of accounting software uses. In house, we use involved softwares to produce clear and accurate accountancy. We are the authority in professional bookkeeping so much so that we offer classes in navigating finance softwares. We are that confident in our skills that we are leading teachers in these subjects. Our bookkeeping clerks have worked for years in the finance industry and have solidified their place as the go-to team for financial management matters.

Extensive Bookkeeping Services to Optimise your Personal and Business Finances

Our in-house team of accountants have years of education and experience under their belts in order to bring you an incredible variety of bookkeeping services to best serve your needs. The general services of a professional bookkeeper should include understanding and managing payable and receivable accounts, all aspects of bank and credit card reconciliation, and finally generating easy to understand financial reports. These extensive skills allow all financial lifestyles to become exponentially easier to understand. We have the understanding and tools to navigate your every accounting and bookkeeping need producing clear and understandable financial reports.

Assessing, Advising and Recommending Our Services for Your Business

A great deal of mental power is required to receive a stack of incomprehensible receipts and papers and turn them into an easily digestible summation. We have refined our bookkeeping skills to allow us to gather financial information and assess financial standings to help determine the best course of action to take. Our flat-rate services mean that any number of hours, at any level of accountancy complexity, is met with the same confidence and proficiency. We aim to meet and exceed your expectations of bookkeeping clerks.

Our Personal Motivation in Customer Service

Advertising a flat rate billing for the financial services we provide does not mean that we possess apathetic or indifferent customer service. On the contrary, we work tirelessly to produce efficient and clear bookkeeping reports because we have a passion within the accounting industry. This is also because we deeply care for the needs of our clients. We personally want every customer and business to conclude their experience with us with exceeded expectations and an easier to manage financial relationship.

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